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Why Shred?

Why Shred?

Contact Shredding by Adera

On-site Shredding is the becoming the most usual method for document destruction.  It has the advantage of you being able to see the process completed, at your location, is easily available, and extremely economical. 

Your organization has a Legal Requirement to comply with the laws and regulations of record destruction.  A number of laws make it mandatory that companies shred their documents or a hefty fine may follow.

Your customers are concerned about the privacy of the information they have given you, remember that information is extremely confidential, and you are required by law to protect the information.

As a business you should know that “dumpster diving” is becoming the easiest place for the media to find information for a quick headline.  Privacy is the newest consumer awareness issue, and can have a serious impact on your public image.

Any documents with personal information must be shredded before being discarded.  That includes employees (past or present) and any & all information that your business may have acquired during the period of employment.

By discarding information, without shredding first, your company is demonstrating contempt for your customers by making identity theft and other fraud easily available for those looking for it.  This also exposes your company to the loss of its trade secret protections in court.

Why use a shredding service?

There are many reasons, and here are a few.

Office Shredders…

  • Cannot handle paper clips and staples
  • Must be replaced often
  • Create an employee danger in the work place
  • Are not consistently used by employees especially when busy

Our Onsite Secure Shredding Service

  • Provides secure document consoles for collection of documents
  • Easy and efficient for employees to use
  • Frees employee time to do their real jobs
  • Is cost effective for all size offices
  • Provides a legal chain of custody for all confidential documents

Adera On-Site Security Shredding Service;

  • Will provide secure “Slot and Lock” Document Consoles at no cost.

  • Shred all documents with no clean edges at your premises in our On-Site Security Shredding truck.  Shredding can be witnessed by close circuit TV.

  • Provide you with a Document of Destruction/Recycling prior to leaving your office.

  • Will Recycle all shredded materials demonstrating your offices commitment to a the Environment and a Greener Plant.

  • Collections will be made on a biweekly or monthly schedule as required.  A collection schedule / calendar will be provided by Adera On-Site Security Shredding.

Bad Publicity and The Press

There is almost nothing more potentially damaging to your organization’s corporate image than the media reporting a story related to the inappropriate dumping of confidential information.

Every day new stories emerge, and new organizations have to deal with damage limitation, and the potential of serious, and punitive fines, potential lawsuits, and embarrassment of having inappropriately discarded sensitive, private information.

On-site paper shredding is an extremely affordable protection of your good name, and probably involves less effort than disposing of the information illegally.

For all the right reasons, contact Adera, and let us nip the potential for disaster in the bud.

Dumpster Divers

If Identity Theft is the fastest growing crime in America,  (30% per annum), then dumpster diving is one of the country’s fastest growing pass times.

Rarely, if ever locked, dumpsters provide easy pickings for the less scrupulous looking for bills or other paper with your personal information on it that will profit them, or the media, and a source of easy income for even honest people.

In short, the rummaging traffic ion your dumpster is at an all time high.

Identity theft, and your unwanted products turning up on the internet for sale, with all of the attendant liability issues, are just a couple of reasons for being extremely cautious about what you put in your dumpster.

Out of sight, is not necessarily out of mind.

When in doubt, shred it. It could save you a fortune in the long haul.

Public Image

Companies spend an inordinate amount of time, effort and money to create the right corporate and public image.

Like the old adage about doing the right thing for all of your customers leading them speaking well of you to one or two others, and the wrong thing leading to them talking to hundreds, is true of casually discarding personal, private information.

It is not merely a crime, it is a serious statement as to what kind of corporate citizen you are, and it’s not about the potential of such a disaster; it’s about the possibility, and how easily it can be eliminated.

Shredding paper, and products, on-site is what Adera do; the bi-product is peace of mind.

Corporate Ethics

Adera’s corporate ethic wasn’t developed in a vacuum. We developed our ideas about the right way to conduct business by deciding what we thought was a “legal, decent and honest,” and incorporating the good tenets of every organization we admire.


Adera hires people that exhibit the following qualities; a positive attitude, a sense of fun, hard work, ownership of their role in the company, and the consistent commitment and ability to meet our promise of delivering friendly, reliable, confidential service to our customers.

Identity Theft

The fastest growing crime in America is Identity Theft, and it gave rise to the fastest growing service industry; shredding, in all it’s forms, paper shredding, document shredding, product shredding, hard drive shredding.

Contracting your shredding with Adera is the first step in keeping private matters private.

The Law

Virtually every developed nation in the world now has information protection laws and regulations, and they are being added to at a rate that tries to keep pace with escalating crime, such as identity theft, corporate espionage and e-fraud.

At Adera we spend time and effort to keep abreast of legal and compliance issues relating to a host of specific industries to benefit our customers, and our own high levels of service.

The Environment

Partnering with Adera helps your business to carry out its environmental responsibilities as well as its document security needs.

According to the EPA, to make one ton of paper using recycled fiber saves the following: 17 trees, 3.3 cubic yards of landfill space, 360 gallons of water, 100 gallons of gasoline, 60 pounds of air pollutants and10, 401 kilowatts of electricity.
The benefits to the environment are obvious.

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