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What You Need to Know about Shredding

What You Need to Know about Shredding

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As we say elsewhere on our web site, Adera will not pretend that paper shredding, or product destruction, is alchemy. We wheel a bin in, fill it, wheel it out, and watch as our on-site shredding trucks turn highly sensitive information, into recycle material at over 6000 LBS per hour, but following are a few things you should consider.

Know the company you to partner with for shredding.

Deal with a certified vendor.

Be aware of your legal, obligations to confidentiality, as well as legal and environmental obligations to recycle.

Understanding the various ways of shredding, and their pros and cons, will help you to select the right service for your circumstances.

Understand your shredding container options, and how selecting the right ones will make your shredding more acceptable, and successful, which is the key to minimizing the potential for data breaches.

Know how long you need to retain records before destroying them.

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We certify our company to provide you with the best industry accredited services, and we certify that everything you contract us to do is done to your highest standards.

See the NAID section on this site for more details on our shredding industry accreditations.

Full documentation from “cradle to grave” of the processes we execute for you are standard procedure at Adera.

You don’t just see it done, you have the full documentation of the “when, where, and how” we shredded, destroyed, and recycled for you.


Recycling is not just the right thing to do; it is invariably a legal requirement in virtually every state, and every county within a state, in America. If you don’t have a local recycling ordinance in your county, one will be coming soon.

As well as providing evidence of destruction, Adera will provide you with complete recycling documentation and manifests, and evidence of compliance with local, state and federal and “Red Flag Rules."

Shredding Process

At Adera we are often asked,  “What is the best method of destroying paper records and the information recorded on computer hard drives?”

Our response is simple, and direct.

Strip shredding, or cross cut shredding documents provides absolutely no challenge for identity, or data, thieves. The only paper that you can feel sure to have been effectively destroyed is that processed by a qualified paper shredding service, or a micro shredder.

And the only way to destroy the data contained on a hard drive’s disc platters is to physically destroy the hard drives by shredding them, drilling them, or pulverizing them to recyclable dust.

Consultant to the FBI and banks around the globe, Frank Abagnale once said,

“If you didn’t see it done, how can you be sure it was?”

At Adera we wholeheartedly agree, and have built our services accordingly.

Shredding Machines

Why would you use a shredding machine when, unless it is an expensive, very high-end micro-shredder, or paper granulator, the resultant strip shredded or cross cut shredded documents, can easily be put back together by professionals?

 See the article on Shredding Process on this site.

Adera’s powerful, on-site, mobile shredding trucks bring 0.25 million dollars of the latest technology and shred your documents in a fraction of the time, and at rates that are so affordable, you will wonder why you didn’t set up with Adera years ago.

Shredding Systems

The term “Shredding Systems” generally refers to the products sold by manufacturers of industrial shredders and size reduction solutions, which are engineered for a wide variety of solid waste recycling and scrap shredding applications, such as tires, aluminum cans trees, etc.

The same technology is employed in Adera’s on-site shredding trucks, enabling us to obliterate your paper or hard drive data at rate in excess of 6000 lbs per hour

Call us.

Container Sizes

Adera offers every size and type of shredding container to suit your unique needs, and our shredding containers are supplied free of charge for as long as we take care of your shredding.

And we can deliver quickly as we have a large inventory of regular totes, executive consoles, and desk-side, personal document containers.

Details of our container sizes can be found on this site at Container Sizes.

Document Retention

In our section on Document Retention, on this site, you will find guidelines for document retention periods.

These recommendations on Document Retention are general guidelines.  They are NOT advice for any specific circumstance!  Seek professional advice before adopting any document retention policy.


The news section of our web site is where you will find articles we have found about security breaches, legislative and regulatory updates, new products and services from Adera and upcoming events, such as ‘FREE SHREDDING DAYS."

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