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Secure papers and documents on all levels should be destroyed regularly, as soon as they are deemed redundant. Adera provides such a secure paper shredding service.
The information you choose to protect when in use should also be protected when you discard it!

Documents Shredding and Destruction

By utilizing Adera’s powerful, on-site shredding technology, and friendly, reliable, highly trained and bonded personnel; you are employing the safest means of document shredding and destruction.

Computer Media

Disks, floppy disks, CD’s, CD-ROM’s, DVD’s, cassette tapes, VHS video tapes, surveillance tapes, and hard drives, are but a few of the examples of computer media we have destroyed for customers.

The process is so quick, and so highly affordable; it doesn’t make sense to risk a costly data breach by not trusting your media destruction to us.

Hard Drive Shredding and Destruction

Not destroying the information on retired computers properly presents not just the potential financial penalty for not doing so, but the equally embarrassing bad press, and resultant poor corporate image, which can easily end up being more costly to your business than the fines.

Adera shreds your hard drives at your location, and provides the records tracking you need as part of the service.

Paper Shredding

Don’t just shred the paper, work with Adera, and the paper products collected by our mobile paper shredding units are destroyed on the spot, meeting your confidentially needs, and then sent to paper mills to be recycled into usable product, which meets your “green” obligations and needs.


Adera destroys any products for you for any legal reason you may have. Adera destroys products for a wide range of companies, for a host of reasons.

We have destroyed uniforms, prototypes, recalled products, out of date packaging, and security badges, to name but a few.

Electronic Storage

You can’t be too careful about what you throw away.

Electronic storage is part of every day modern life.

Photocopiers and fax machines have electronic storage devices in the form of hard drives that record every document you process

Before you turn in your leased copier, or retire an old fax machine or printer, let us destroy the complete history that is contained on your electronic storage devices, instead of sending it to who knows where, with who knows whom, and with associated potential for a highly costly security breach.


The strict laws requiring the prevention of unauthorized access to the personal information on discarded electronic storage devices apply to CD-ROMS along with all electronic media/data storage devices, and should not be ignored, especially as the fines for improperly discarding sensitive personal information are on the up, and almost every state in America, has strict local ordinances to ensure that all electronic equipment is properly recycled.

Adera can take care of your potential data breaches, and environmental compliance requirements with our affordable, on-site destruction services.


Improperly discarding sensitive personal and corporate information on DVDs, not only flouts the strict laws and ordinances to ensure that all electronic equipment is properly recycled, but creates the real possibility of identity fraud, data theft, and the associated perils and fines that accompany irresponsible disposal of computer data, and can cost companies thousands of dollars in fines and lost business.

Adera will destroy all of your DVDs, or any other equipment/electronic storage devices for you, and provide you with a complete physical and documented audit trail for your records, which includes documentation of where and when the processed remains of the equipment are sent for recycling.

Video Tapes

They may be yesterday’s storage devices, but there are just as many opportunities for the unscrupulous to commit data crimes, confidentiality to be compromised, and data breaches to occur with these devices, as with any other data/image storage media.

Adera will destroy all of your videotapes on-site, and provide you with a complete physical and documented audit trail, which includes documentation of where and when the videotapes we destroy for you are sent for recycling.

Cassette Tapes

Many cassette tapes contain information that shouldn’t be able to be retrieved by the wrong people.

Adera will destroy all of your cassette tapes, and provide you with a complete physical and documented audit trail, including where and when the processed remains of your cassettes are sent for recycling.

Medical Records

The movement to electronic medical records is well underway, and unstoppable.

The mount of medical records being scanned into computers that would have previously been physically archived is exponentially expanding.

Adera provides paper-shredding services to over 400 users in the medical field, and because we provide quality service at a reasonable price more medical practices are trusting their medical record destruction to Adera than ever before.

Personal Records

You probably know someone who has experienced Identity Theft. It happens to private individuals all the time, in fact to over 9 million Americans every year

Making sure that someone isn’t you is easy.

Call Adera when you need to dispose of personal records. It’s so affordable; there is no reason why you wouldn’t.

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