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We Offer

Contact Shredding by Adera

Adera will not pretend that paper shredding, or product destruction, is alchemy. We wheel a bin in, fill it, wheel it out, and watch as our on-site shredding trucks turn highly sensitive information, into recycle material at over 6000 LBS per hour.

“Why should I use Adera?”

In the same way that some companies are very good at what they do, and some are not, the same goes for shredding companies.

What invariably sets the good apart the bad is a combination of integrity, fair business practices, investment in people and technology, and experience, and above all that, being “good to deal with.”

Adera obtains accreditation (see NAID Shredding) whenever it feels that the process will benefit the customer. We select our employees carefully, and develop them constantly (see Employees, and Corporate Ethics)

We use the best shredding trucks and containers available, irrespective of cost.

But the offer that we feel counts for most is Adera’s experience in fields as diverse as
banking, law, accountancy, manufacturing, the service industry, insurance, medical, retail, government, and shipping to name just some.

And we are not just “time served.”  Experience means learning from our customers what matters most to them, and making it happen.

Take one example. Adera services over 400 medical facilities and practices in SW Florida alone. These facilities range in size from sole medical practitioners, to large hospitals.

Apart from keeping up to date with the compliance and regulatory requirements for all medical facilities, Adera invests in “Blood Borne Pathogen” training for all employees, with regular, “in service” refreshers. All employees are kept up to date with any inoculation requirements.

This makes our employees more comfortable in your environment, and you more able to view our team as extensions of your staff.

Being part of your team, not merely outside contractors with no other goal other than that of being “self serving” makes for a more successful business relationship

And it all helps us to provide a service that is sympathetic to your needs, and helps us maintain consistently high customer retention.

Bank Shredding

Adera don’t shred actual banks, despite being told by some bankers that this would be an ideal service, but we do shred for banks, and the reason they have their own category on our web site is that data security and integrity security are synonymous with banking, and require particular attention.

Banking is one the few business sectors that may outdo the medical profession in terms of the need to meet industry specific regulatory compliance, and all that implies.

Banks don’t need to be sold on shredding, they co-invented the need, and almost all utilize the services of a shredding company.

Our section on Bank Shredding covers more of the reasons why banks have chosen Adera as their preferred document shredding service provider.

Commercial Shredding

Apart from supporting the local community with “free” shredding days, almost all Adera’s shredding is commercial shredding, in other words we shred for almost all industries, and sizes of organization, including residential, hospitals, local and state government entities, manufacturing businesses, financial services, professional practices, and fire, safety and law enforcement agencies.

In the last five years we have not needed to “sell” the benefits of shredding. Companies come to us, and know what they need to do. Our job is to make it happen affordably, reliably, and cost effectively.

And doing that is what keeps companies shredding with Adera.

Corporate Shredding

Corporate shredding is what Adera do, and what this web site expands upon.

Adera can shred just about anything, for anyone, and we can do it locally, or nation wide through our alliances with shredding market leaders, and network of NAID Certified vendors.

Estate Shredding

As death and taxes are inescapable, so is the sad fact that every day companies, and individuals have to deal with the residue of estates.

Years of accumulated documentation will become redundant, and need to be disposed of.

Invariably, time is not on the hands of those executing a will, or in charge of tidying up an estate.

Adera provides on-site shredding service to such needs, and often at very short notice.

Home Shredding

If you are looking at Home Shredding for the first time, then you have likely started a shredding project on your own, and have become tired and frustrated with the whole process.

If you are wondering if you can afford for Adera to visit your home and shred for you, the answer is a resounding, “Yes.”

Contact us now, or check out the section on home shredding for more details.

Hospital Shredding

Most hospitals are moving to the outsourcing of non –medical services to third party business associates. One of Adera’s first customers was a large hospital, and we are well versed in supplying shredding services to hospitals.

Every hospital we have dealt with has been different, and we would be happy to talk to your hospital, and to have you tell us what you would like your ideal shredding service to look like.

Our section on Hospital Shredding illustrates a few of the service scenarios we have encountered.

Industrial Shredding

On rare occasions Adera hears about companies running their own industrial shredding systems.

Outsourcing security shredding has largely taken the place of in-house systems, because outsourcing is less expensive in terms of capital, labor, liability and space issues.

Contracting Adera for your on-site security shredding is inexpensive, incurs no direct investment, maintenance, or indirect costs for your company.

For a free estimate, or consultation contact Adera.

Law Firms

Regulatory compliance and growing identity theft is adding the need for law firms to find an economic and secure method of disposing of a mountain of dated information, as well as day-to-day paperwork that must be disposed of in a secure, confidential process.
Almost all law firms contract paper-shredding services for regular or one-off shredding services. If you are buried under volumes of paperwork, or have a storage facility that is bursting at the seams, committing valuable staff, or personal billing time to shredding doesn’t make sense.

Office Shredding

Choices for office shredding boil down to two alternatives, doing it your self with in-house shredders, or contacting it out to a shredding service.

Standing over an office shredder in an office amounts to a criminal waste of productive time at best, or a subterfuge for looking busy at worst.

One of Adera’s clients estimated that her staff was collectively spending eight hours a day standing over shredders.

Saving the cost of one employee, even at the lowest pay rates in the company paled the cost of contacting us to do the shredding into insignificance.

She contracted Adera, and has been an Adera customer and fan for over six years.

Cost saving is only one feature of Adera’s office shredding service.

Contact us, or link to the Office Shredding page of our site.

Personal Shredding

Employing a shredding service for personal shredding is becoming increasingly common.

Requests for personal shredding services are quicker than occurrences of Identity Theft, which is growing at over 30% per annum.

A regular collection and shredding service at your home is more affordable than you would think, and condo associations, assisted care facilities, and community organizations are becoming increasingly aware of the perils of putting personal information in recycling containers.

You’ll be surprised at how affordable it is.

Contact Adera for, as one personal shredding client put it, “a no brainer” solution to the potential of Identity Theft

Residential Shredding

The number of homeowners contacting Adera for Residential shredding is growing in tandem with the increase in Identity Theft.

With ID Theft growing at over 30% per annum, and showing no signs of containment, more and more homeowners are calling Adera when they have paper shredding needs.

The mail we all receive continues to increase, as do the documents we hold and file, despite the promise of a coming “paperless world.”

Strip and Crosscut shredders are simply not doing it from a labor and hassle standpoint.

Getting serious about residential shredding needn’t be expensive.

Contact Adera. We are serious about keeping your private matters private, and keeping your hard earned cash, credit worthiness, and sanity intact.

Medical Office Shredding

The medical industry is one, if not the, most regulated industry in the country.

HIPAA, FACTA, Red Flag Rules, the privacy Act. JCAHO, Implied Contract Breach, and Trade Secret Protections are just some of the regulatory bodies that medical offices need to comply with.

Fines for non-compliance, and breaches of confidentiality are not only steep; they are frequently coupled with enforced office closure and all of the negative impact that comes with that territory.

And medical offices are not just responsible for their own employees; they are also responsible for all of their sub contractors.

Among all the other things that you now have to do, the new HIPAA, and the new amendment is known as HITECH (Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act), obliges all medical practices to have Business Associate Agreements, and Confidentiality Agreements in place for all your service vendors.

Contract us for your medical office shredding, and we will help you with the creation of Business Associate Agreements, and Confidentiality Agreements for free.

That way you can protect yourself with all of your sub contractors, even your cleaners, THE PEOPLE YOU DON’T NORMALLY EVEN SEE, should be included.
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