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Shredding Machines

Shredding Machines

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There area few basic truisms in respect shredding machines, or office paper shredders.

The first is that when you shred paper in an office shredding machine, unless it is an expensive, very high-end micro-shredder, or paper granulator, the resultant strip shredded or cross cut shredded documents, can easily be put back together by professionals. See the article on Shredding Process on this site.

Of course that ease of criminally putting the documents you thought you had destroyed back together does not extend itself to you.

If you put something into your shredding machine by mistake, you neither have the skill set, or time to achieve what the criminally motivated can. In short, if you shredded the wrong file, it’s gone!

Using your shredding machine has now bulked up the paper considerably, and you have generated paper dust in your clean facility.

The shredded material within your shredder is usually collected in a clear plastic bag, and when it is full, it must be removed, and transported to your recycling dumpster, or bin, where it sits as graphic evidence of what it is for anyone who has a mind to investigate your dumpster.

Shredding on-site with Adera gives you the possibility of maintaining a distributed paper collection system, from which errant documents can be retrieved by use of the security key before final shredding, keeps your office cleaner, negates the need for maintenance, and the inconvenience of breakdowns, and is inheritantly more secure and cost effective.

Trade in your shredding machine with us today, and contract us as your shredding and recycling resource.

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