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Mobile Shredding in Naples Florida

Mobile Shredding in Naples

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Whether you are a large organization, a homeowner, or anything in between, there is going to be a time when you need paper shredding services.

If you are asking yourself, “How much of my busy day is being taken up, or is going to be taken up by doing the right thing; paper shredding and recycling my business or personal information?”, Adera’s mobile shredding service is the answer.

If you need residential or home shredding see our sections on Home Shredding, Residential Shredding, or Personal Shredding.

If you are a business, we understand that, although important, paper shredding is a small part of running your organization.

Allow us to unburden your company from the task of shredding.

Adera’s fleet of  state of the art mobile shredding trucks have unsurpassed throughput rates of up to 8,000 lbs/hour, with the highest payloads in the industry, allowing you to utilize time that would be better spent running your business than administering paper shredding.

If you are concerned about “Chain of Custody” for your documents, don’t create one, especially if you don’t have control of all of the links. Mobile shredding eliminates the Chain of Custody.

Mobile Shredding at your site allows Adera to provide you, or your business, the opportunity to witness the whole process, and to be secure in the knowledge that Adera are hauling away recyclable material, not vulnerable, confidential documents.

Credit card details, new patient information, credit applications, faxes, printed emails, to name but a few are generated by businesses every day.

Provide your staff with a user friendly way of dealing with documents that contain sensitive, often confidential, information, is a major key in creating a confidentiality culture in your business.

Avoiding the potential financial penalties associated with mishandling confidential material by using a mobile shredding service is not only prudent business, it is ethically correct, and environmentally sensitive.

How many of your employees are hoarding documents that need to be shredded because they are too busy to, or have no appetite for, standing over the office shredder feeding a few pages at a time into it?

And have they ever shredded something that ended up being important?

When you use a mobile shredding service your people simply post the documents into the secure containers that we supply free of charge. Supervisors have keys so that if documents need to be retrieved, they can be.

It happens, and when we get calls from our customers who have discarded the wrong documents, it is good to be able to dispel their angst by telling them to contact a supervisor who will open the container for them, allowing the document to be retrieved.

We provide regular, scheduled services to whole range of businesses. We cover almost all industries, and sizes of organization, including residential, hospitals, local and state government entities, manufacturing businesses, financial services, professional practices, and fire, safety and law enforcement agencies.

Adera keep private matters private by eliminating unwanted, outdated and unnecessary paper with our mobile shredding services!

Keeping up with privacy laws and regulations and managing the ever-growing pile of redundant documents and paper can be a challenge. Let us be your “Go To Guys:” for shredding, and more importantly your source for compliance with the regulations that affect your business.

Since forming in 2002 Adera has expanded rapidly, largely by word of mouth, and customer referral, which we believe to be the ultimate endorsement of our efforts to be the best. We thank our clients for being a major factor in Adera’s growth.

Our existing customers are our best ambassadors. If you would like an industry specific testimonial of our abilities, just make a request on this web site, and we will forward one from someone in your industry. Use Adera for your entire confidential disposal needs. You won’t be disappointed that you chose Adera.

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