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Industrial Shredding in Cape Coral Florida

Industrial Shredding in Cape Coral

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There are so called Industrial Paper Shredders that are designed to meet the heavy duty shredding needs of several departments of a business, or even an entire facility.

An in-house industrial document shredder is costly, and at maximum performance, is unlikely to shred more than 60 to 140 sheets of paper at once, or 1000 pounds of paper products per hour.

And they don’t run by themselves. Your company will need to absorb the indirect costs of running the system.

Outsourcing your shredding makes sense for a number of reasons.

Adera’s trucks process over 6000 pounds per hour, and we provide the specialist labor, collection containers, and all necessary documentation to satisfy your regulatory, fiduciary, recycling, confidentiality obligations and compliance  requirements.

And Adera is receiving industry updates and feedback, and answering relevant questions on current shredding and recycling issues every day, for all kinds of businesses and industries.

We add value to our service by becoming your “go to people” for issues relating directly or indirectly to the document destruction, and waste processing industry.

Just think, no investment, no direct employment issues, no management overhead, no liability issues, no direct insurance costs.

Just contact Adera, and we will set up a shredding schedule with you, supply the collection containers you need, the manpower, and the knowledge and equipment to carry out your document destruction needs to the highest level.

Do you have Business Associate Agreements for your contractors? If you do, we will be happy to enter your agreement.

If you don’t have Business Associate, or Confidentiality Agreements, we are happy to provide you with the latest NAID templates for your adoption, or adapt ion, and implementation.

Just contact us at Adera, and they will be on there way to you free of charge.

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