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Document Shredding and Destruction in Naples Florida

Document Shredding and Destruction in Naples

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Although the process of Documents Shredding and Destruction is quick, simple, and affordable, document shredding is serious business, and best trusted to a professional shredding contractor.

High volumes of confidential paperwork, costly storage facilities, inadequate office shredders, and having to abandon other more important work to feed them, moving to a paperless system and the consequent rise in document scanning and record disposal, are some of the many reasons for turning to a document shredding and destruction service.

Adera has been providing secure shredding services to companies and individuals with free containers, and regular pick ups for customers in all categories of business since 2002.

Our powerful on-site systems destroy any of your confidential materials from paper to CDs, videotapes, hard drives and computers quickly, and totally.

By utilizing Adera’s highly trained and bonded personnel you are employing the safest means of destroying your sensitive data on-site.

At the time we carry out your document destruction we will provide you with a Certificate of Destruction, guaranteeing the document destruction.

Adera did not create the need for on-site shredding. You told us that you didn’t want your documents going anywhere before they were shredded. It’s what your regulatory bodies specify, and we have responded.

We agree with you. On-site document destruction is the best way to keep confidential information out of the wrong hands.

Adera mobile shredding services have made fans out of customers because of our utter reliability, and fair business practices.

If you would like to hear from someone in your industry who became a fan, just make a request on this web site, and we will put you in touch with Adera customers who can talk with you about their experience with us.

Let Adera be your confidentiality watchdog.

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