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Shredding by Adera

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Since 2002, customers in Plantation and across Florida have been asking Adera On-Site Security Shredding questions like, “Can Adera provide paper shredding services to my type of business?” Or, “Destroy a hard drive. Can your trucks do that?”

We can, and have been shredding paper, documents, hard drives, and products for a wide variety of types and sizes of business, as well as reliably taking care of the residential shredding needs of private individuals.

The need for paper shredding services has grown exponentially over the last ten years in tandem with a number of factors such as identity theft, (the fastest growing crime in America,) changes in record keeping legislation, the stiffening of penalties for those found guilty of not keeping private information private, electronic records, and the desire and legal requirements to recycle.

The business of document destruction is no longer an industry that has to sell itself hard to companies or individuals. The fact that you are visiting this web site is an indication that you are well informed about the pitfalls of disposing of documents in an indiscriminate fashion, and willing to secure your peace of mind by engaging a professional shredding service to destroy documents.

When you choose your document destruction and paper shredding company, we feel you should expect a commercial shredder that meets, or exceeds, your concern for confidentiality, is utterly reliable, (if we don’t make it on time your shredding is on us,) and friendly, after all, who wants to deal with unpleasant, or uncaring people.

We believe that it is our attitude to providing a mutually satisfying service that has created a model for paper shredding that our customers happily recommend to business colleagues and friends. Customer referral is Adera’s biggest source of new business.

Shredding paper successfully isn’t complicated, it’s about investing in the best people and equipment, providing reasonably priced services, and delivering the service on time, every time.

Choosing your shredding partner is not unlike selecting any other business service, there are lots to choose from, and when you find the right one we know you will stick with that company as long as they keep providing exemplary service.

We want that preferred service provider to be us, and by experiencing our approach to document shredding, we are confident you will be joining our base of loyal customers, and shredding paper, or anything else that shouldn't fall into the wrong hands, with Adera.






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