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Confidential Shredding in Boca Raton Florida

Confidential Shredding in Boca Raton

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It’s no accident that Adera incorporates the words, “Confidential,” and “On-Site” into our corporate name. We believe the two are synonymous, and essential elements to achieving the maximum confidentiality to any shredding, or destruction task you entrust to us.

We achieve the utmost confidentiality, and your peace of mind, by ensuring that we apply the highest standards to personnel selection, equipment investment, independent industry certification, and the ongoing rigorous application of our standard operating procedures, and continuous monitoring of our processes and procedures.

Every Adera team member is subject to the most extensive, independent background and employment history checks, as well as the constant monitoring necessary to meet the criteria of our Drug Free Workplace program.

In addition, all employees are required to be “customer centered.”  We are an arm of the security industry, your arm, and you have the right to expect exemplary, confidential service, but we also want you to enjoy partnering with Adera.  Our team members are selected with that in mind.

We believe that our investment in state of the art, on-site, shredding trucks provides your company with the best shredding technology there is. Shredding on-site negates any concerns about creating a “Chain of Custody” for your documents.

Are you aware of the fines that can be ,and are being, handed out to companies for not disposing of information correctly?

Shredding your confidential material on-site meets your requirements for destruction of data before disposal, fiduciary obligations, and avoids the potential for the substantial fines.

Fines are regularly levied when companies create legal and regulatory violations as detailed by; Implied Contract Breach, the Privacy Act, the Economic Espionage Act, Gramm/Leach/Bliley, HIPAA, FACTA and other I.D. Theft Laws.

Whether you are looking to purge your old files, retire old equipment, destroy hard drives, set up a regular service for your day to day shredding needs, destroy computer media, you need go no further than Adera, your “One Stop Shop” for confidential shredding.

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